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The Fashion Authentication gang is made up of leading scholars and skilled agents offering exclusive expertise.

The Chief Detective

Comfortable in a boardroom or stalking Canal street, our Chief is intimately connected within the world of Intellectual Property. An industry veteran, he is regularly called upon by brands, investors, and the authorities to provide expert insight. The Chief has recruited and trained an amazing team whose mission is to solve your fashion quandary.

The Librarian

Sitting amongst the stacks, nose buried in fashion tomes, The Librarian aggregates all historical documentation of vintage designs, trademark filings, and court rulings. Partnering with both our Appraisals and Authentication teams, The Librarian provides scholarly insight and expert review. Just don’t try to get him to listen to an audiobook!

The Wiz Kid

An early adapter to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, the Wiz Kid builds learning algorithms across many industries. He grew up building websites and building brands. Now a Silicon Valley ex-pat, the Kid has gone rogue and serves as technical advisor and resident nerd of the agency. You’ll find him playing with hidden cameras, drones, and microscopes when not scraping the web and data mining.

The Sneaker

Hidden in plain sight, the Sneaker is an expert in all things streetwear. Constantly between New York and California, copping the newest grails and cutting down counterfeits. The Sneaker is intimately intertwined with the sneaker community and has all the privileged intel. No forum or thread is safe from being penetrated by The Sneaker.

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