John Hardy is a luxury jewelry brand that is known for its handcrafted, unique, and timeless designs. The brand was founded in 1975 by Canadian-born designer John Hardy, who began his career as a jewelry designer in Bali, Indonesia. While living in Bali, Hardy became fascinated with the island’s rich culture, and he began to incorporate traditional Balinese techniques and motifs into his jewelry designs.

John Hardy Jewelry is handmade by artisans using traditional techniques passed down for generations, the brand is renowned for their workmanship and the authenticity of their craftsmanship. Each piece is carefully handcrafted using the traditional techniques of chain-weaving, hand-hammering, and hand-carving.

The brand is known for its use of natural materials such as precious metals, stones and pearls. They also use sustainable materials such as bamboo, and certified-recycled gold and silver. The brand also focuses on preserving the traditional techniques and craftsmanship, by providing training programs and workshops for their artisans.

The brand’s designs are often inspired by nature, and its collection includes a wide range of jewelry, from necklaces and bracelets to earrings and rings, which often feature intricate details and organic shapes.

John Hardy has expanded its collection over the years, now it offers a wide range of men and women’s jewelry. The brand operates several boutiques around the world, and its products are also available at select luxury retailers and department stores.