Schiaparelli is a luxury fashion house founded by the Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli in Paris in 1927. Elsa Schiaparelli was known for her avant-garde and innovative designs, often incorporating elements of surrealism and wit into her creations. The brand gained popularity during the 1930s and 1940s and was known for its bold colors, unconventional materials, and playful motifs.

Schiaparelli’s designs were favored by influential figures of her time, including artists, actresses, and socialites. She collaborated with artists such as Salvador Dalí, whose surrealistic influences can be seen in some of her most iconic pieces.

After Elsa Schiaparelli’s retirement in 1954, the brand went through various ownership changes and periods of dormancy. However, in 2012, the brand was revived under new ownership and creative direction. Today, Schiaparelli continues to produce high-end couture and ready-to-wear collections, maintaining its reputation for avant-garde designs and luxury craftsmanship. The brand’s headquarters remains in Paris, and its collections are showcased during Paris Fashion Week.